Our frames are designed to children for children ages 1 to 8 years. Younger children need a frame designed with lower nasal and side fittings. This is seen in our model one design. Essential in placing the optical lens correction in the perfect position to look after the developing eye.

Our frames change as they increase in size, just like children do. The model two overlaps in size with the model one, but with features that complement the developing facial characteristics of the older child.

Each frame can be fitted with specified side lengths, important for the perfect fit behind the ears. Our modular assembly allows for irregular side lengths to be fitted, as facial asymmetry is commonplace. All modular frames are supplied with a matching, adjustable headband.

Not all young people are able to wear spectacles with sides, sometimes it can be uncomfortable or not suitable as they are not ready to sit up. We have the perfect solution. With our front fit head bands, the spectacles fit perfectly and comfortably. These are available in 6 colour choices.


Eye health

Correctly fitted eyewear is essential to eye health. Typically young people spend more time gazing up than adults. Our eyewear is designed to accommodate this fitting need. 

New research from the Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC) has revealed a decline in the amount of time children spend outdoors, which could be impacting their eye health. The study discovered that 76 extra minutes outside a day can reduce the risk of short-sightedness (myopia) by 50%.



Colour and Materials

Colour is important and we celebrate it by giving you the freedom to choose from lots of beautiful colour combinations. Match, blend or contrast, SeeCreatures eyewear is designed to be enjoyed.

The material offers more than just great looks, it is very tough and resistant to heat and cleaning solutions. Your eyewear will not break after using cleaning solutions and it will not fail with rapid expansions or contractions resulting from sudden temperature change.



Our design consultants are Spec-Care Ltd, the award winning team based in Exeter UK. Industry leaders, specialising in paediatric spectacle frame fitting and adaptations. A company recognised within the NHS at 75 parliamentary achieves for its work in this field.


Supply Chain

Children's eyewear does not need to be expensive. We have sourced superior materials and made our savings in the supply chain, not in the quality of the frames..

Where possible, our eyewear is shipped by seaport in shared containers, stored at collaborative sites and distributed by existing networks.



From our supply chain to our  EPC A carbon net zero office at Exeter Science Park, we have the environmental impact of our business at heart.

SeeCreatures eyewear is shipped from our manufacturing site using component part boxes. This reduces the overall size of our shipments by over 50%, saving space and helping make shipping more efficient.

Our storage facilities do not require additional energy usage as we make use of shared space.

We are targeting single use plastic free trading and are nearly there. If we use plastics, it’s because of their pre-existence in the supply chain or a specific need to deliver items safely. We kindly ask, where possible packaging is reused and recycled responsibly at end of life.

Our 2024 collections are all packaged in card drawer boxes. These are lovingly designed cases for SeeCreatures frames, featuring our fun underwater scenes. These cases can be recycled at end of life. 



In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, we have an accidental exchange policy too. It’s easy to access and accidentally damaged eyewear is replaced or repaired at a discounted rate, subject to terms and conditions.